Our Services

Technic Earthworks offer a large variety of services and can cater for most needs. We are very adaptable and can work with you to meet your project requirements. We offer a full range of earthworks, site works, digger hire and excavation services for both residential and commercial sites.

Technic Earthworks has the equipment and knowledge for the most cost-effective and efficient solutions for your project.

Technic Earthworks provides earthworks and excavation as well as digger and operator hire services to commercial and residential clients. We can cater for most jobs from tight access excavations and small landscaping jobs to large cuts for houses and developments. We invest in new, leading brand machinery to be able to provide the best service to our clients as possible.   

If you have a building site that needs some work before you can start then our diggers and operators can clear it of vegetation, strip back the topsoil and give you a firm base to start your building on. We can do site cuts on uneven ground and footings for your foundations. 

Our rural maintenance services include, digger hire, metal driveway repairs, paddock drainage, drain clearing, gorse mulching, pond digging and cleaning, track and race repairs and any jobs that you can think of for a digger and operator. 

If you want to increase the value of your property and have more useable space then we can help. Our digger and operator hire can shape your land to maximise its usability by levelling out areas and filling others to make a large flat usable area to do with as you please. We can also assist with creating garden landscapes that you dream up or just to tidy an area up and take away the waste. 

We can demolish structures from small sheds to large houses. Break up old concrete structures and driveways and remove all the rubble. Our excavators can be fitted with hydraulic breakers and grabs to make light work of any demolition task. Ask about our digger hire today. 

Underground services include; water, power, gas and fibre. We can run these at the correct depths to where they need to go. We fit a drawstring in the power and fibre conduits so your electrician or Chorus can easily run your power or fibre to your site. Our digger hire services will have your services run at the correct depth on time.  

Get in touch with us to discuss the requirements for your project or how you might create more value and usable space on your land 

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