Digger Hire

Leading brand machinery

We have a 1.7 tonne excavator for hire that is great for all sorts of jobs including landscaping, footings, soil removal, small scale demolition and a lot more. It can fit through gaps 1m wide, making it perfect for getting into your back yard and doing those tough jobs.  We also have auger attachments for post holes and a rock breaker for removing old driveways and water tanks.

Digger Hire + Operator - $85 per hour


Tight Access Excavation

When space is an issue our mini excavators can operate in some small spaces. Our 1.7 tonne excavator can fit through gaps 980mm wide. We can also remove the canopy for under house excavations or when hight is an issue. 

Site Cuts

We can re shape your unsuitable land and make it usable, site cuts for new build and footings.


We remove old concrete driveways and prep for new concrete. Referbish metal driveways or deliver and spread new metal.

Digger, Truck and operator - $100 per hour

Demolition and Auger Hire

We can demolish driveways, small concrete and wooden structures and remove all the waste


Auger hire for piles, posts and retaining